Ward Chemical: A Leading Canadian Calcium Chloride Supplier

After a natural salt brine deposit was discovered at Calling Lake in 1985, Ward Chemical began its journey as a leading supplier of Calcium Chloride products in Canada. With this source of high-grade calcium chloride, coupled with the field expertise, diligence, research and hard work, Ward Chemical began producing a consistent supply of premium salt brine for distribution to local customers.

Ward Chemical’s commitment to quality products and customer service led to the expansion of various solutions and applications of calcium chloride. Ward Chemical now supplies from Manitoba to British Columbia—and many of the northern United States.

We conduct ongoing research and testing to uncover new uses and applications of calcium chloride and our expert staff will provide you with advice and technical assistance to give you the product you need. If we don’t carry the specific product you required, you can arrange the manufacturing of a calcium chloride solution that will meet your exact specifications.

If you need a reliable calcium chloride distributor, contact us today to discuss your needs!

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