Edmonton Calcium Chloride

What is Calcium Chloride W1.32
Calcium Chloride W 1.32 is produced by Ward Chemical; a leading Canadian calcium chloride provider. It is used by a variety of businesses and organizations in a number of different industries and for various applications. Inhibitors reduce the amount of corrosion Calcium Chloride W 1.32 causes, and Ward Chemical’s formula sets the industry standard for safe and effective W 1.32. Our Edmonton calcium chloride products are made from the highest-grade calcium chloride from our plant, right here in Alberta. Standard Specifications Include:
  • 26.8% Calcium Chloride
  • 3.9% Magnesium Chloride
  • 3.5% other salts (Including Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride)
  • Density of 1.32kg/L
  • Freezing point of -50 C
  • A pH of 4.8 - 5.0
Familiar Applications
Calcium Chloride W 1.32 is suited to a number of marktets and jobs, like:
  • Dust control for unpaved roads
  • Base stabilization
  • Freezing proofing
  • Sewage purification
  • Grouting agent
  • Cement additive
  • Nitrogen inhibitor
  • Salt substitute in animal feed
We also offer a less corrosive alternative, which is suitable for applications like:
  • Antifreeze for food processing plants, hockey and curling rinks, portable toilets, pipeline antifreeze, RVs and plumbing, winter pipeline hydro testing
  • As deicing agents for municipal roadways
  • As oil well work over fluids