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Ward Chemical works with a number of businesses and organizations each day to develop new and innovative applications for its Alberta made calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide products.

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Ward Chemical has the resources and facilities needs to manufacture the high quality—and desired quantity—of Alberta calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide products that you desire.

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Because we make our calcium chloride here in Alberta, our well site and upgrader are located along major rail lines and highways so our calcium chloride products can be shipped to businesses and organizations across Canada and the US.

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Road Stabilization


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Concrete Accelerators


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Soil Remediation


Edmonton Calcium Chloride

Ward Chemical is one of North America’s largest producers of consistent, high-quality liquid calcium chloride from Edmonton, Alberta, as well as magnesium hydroxide.

From our Calling Lake, Alberta well site to our Villeneuve upgrader, Ward Chemical is known as a trusted source for standard or custom concentrations of premium magnesium hydroxide and calcium chloride in Edmonton, Alberta.

Ward Chemical conducts ongoing research and testing to uncover new uses and applications of calcium chloride. Our expert staff will provide you with advice and technical assistance to give you the product you need, or arrange to manufacture of a calcium chloride solution that will meet your exact specifications.

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Whether it’s dust control, base stabilization, corrosion control or fertilizer application, Calcium Chloride delivers tested and controlled calcium chloride products. Every Alberta made calcium chloride load we ship is sampled and checked to ensure that your calcium chloride meets and surpasses a standard of excellence. From calcium chloride production to application, you can trust Ward Chemical to provide the best in calcium chloride products.

Through diligence, research and hard work, we produce a consistent supply of calcium chloride for distribution to local customers. Our commitment to quality calcium chloride products and customer service has led to the expansion of various solutions and applications of calcium chloride. Ward Chemical now supplies from Manitoba to British Columbia—and many of the northern United States.

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