What is Liquid Calcium Chloride?

Liquid calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an ionic compound composed of calcium and chlorine. An odourless, colourless, non-toxic solution, liquid calcium chloride is used extensively in various industries and applications around the globe. Liquid calcium chloride is a versatile substance that can be utilized in a number of applications by drawing moisture from its surroundings. When it comes to controlling dust and stabilizing base construction projects, liquid calcium chloride is a top choice for chemical applications. Naturally occurring, liquid calcium chloride can be found in seawater and mineral springs. Ward Chemical uses a large underground brine deposit to produce high-quality liquid calcium chloride products for a variety of customers in Western Canada and the Northern United States.

Properties of Calcium Chloride solution

Liquid calcium chloride is a highly soluble, hygroscopic solution—which is also exothermic. It has the ability to draw moisture from its surroundings, resist evaporation and release heat. It is the perfect substance for road construction and maintenance—including dust control and base stabilization. Liquid Calcium Chloride is proven to be an expert company and can produce the right concentration of liquid calcium chloride for your project.

Familiar Applications of Calcium Chloride Products

The properties of liquid calcium chloride make the substance great for a variety of applications. Ward Chemical is continually testing and finding new uses for liquid calcium chloride. Some common uses are:
  • Base stabilization
  • Freeze proofing for winter road application
  • Sewage purification
  • Grouting agents
  • Additives for cement kilns
  • Nitrogen inhibitors
  • Salt substitute in animal feed
  • Organic Calcium fertilizer
  • Drilling mud
  • Refrigeration fluids
  • Liquid odor control
  • Soil pH adjustment
  • A variety of anti-freezes
If you require more information on Calcium Chloride and its uses, don’t hesitate to contact Calcium Chloride.